How to pitch like a pro

How to Pitch Like a Pro workshop facilitated by Dr. Namratha “Nammy” Vedire of Engage and hosted by the Georgia Tech Student Innovation program and the GSU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute. Nammy is the Director of Platform and Operations at Engage Ventures, LLC.

Customer Discovery in a Socially Distanced World

The world has changed, and entrepreneurs are rising to the new challenges. Brandy Stanfield-Nagel, Research Faculty and Entrepreneur Educator at the Enterprise Innovation Institute, discusses current and future techniques you can use to interact with potential customers in a socially distanced world. As an expert in customer discovery and evidence-based entrepreneurship, Brandy provides practical knowledge you can implement today to develop your idea and startup.

First Year 15 - A Startup Exchange event

Our student round-table, with members from Startup Exchange, will share their perspective on a series of relevant topics, including useful resources for entrepreneurs and innovators, early stage startup topics, and things they wish they would’ve known as first years, all followed by a Q&A session.

ATDC Talk & Tour

View this virtual overview of ATDC with Joy Hymel, Campus Connector and interns Abby Schwartz and Peter Stakoun. Joy connects ATDC startups with GT students. During this conversation you will be able to view ATDC’s facilities and to speak with current interns about their experiences working with ATDC startups. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the inside scoop. ATDC is Georgia’s technology incubator that leads the Southeast in graduating the most technology companies.

Developing and Adapting Your Ideas

Stephen Chininis will discuss strategies used by designers to effectively incorporate customer discovery or end-user understanding to create the best product-market fit. This talk provides key insight into how students create ideas that are successful to develop their own startups and to be successful in upcoming careers.

Accenture Talk - A conversation with this Atlanta Innovation Hub

Hear from Accenture. Members of this futuristic, Atlanta-centric Innovation Hub will host a talk tied to their role in "translating great ideas into real business outcomes" and internship opportunities. This is your opportunity to get an inside look at this global organization that continues to shape innovation in the digital age.

Innovation Conversations featuring Student Startups

Hear from students, like yourself, who have started their own companies as they discuss the various tools that enabled them to be a success. Get key insights on how you can either develop your idea or start your own company while at Georgia Tech. CREATE-X, Georgia Tech’s student incubator program will be facilitating the conversation and will be able to answer any questions on how you can get started.

Marketing Your Idea or Startup

In this session, Holly Beilin, Director of Communications and Community at Engage Ventures discusses how to develop a strategic marketing plan for an idea or startup. She provides tips to build your brand in an out-of-the-box, innovative way.

Basic Financial Forecasting for Startups

Joelle Fox, CFO and Operating Partner at Tech Square Ventures and Engage, discusses building your business model for your startup’s pitch deck. You will learn firsthand what investors want to know about how your business will make money. Joelle decodes the terminology, breaks down the components, and demonstrates how to create your business model.

Innovation Conversations featuring Student Startups

In partnership with CREATE-X, students with startups discuss their companies and what tools and activities they used to develop their ideas.