Building A Prototype

GTRI Machine Shop: The machine shop is located in an understated industrial building at 676 Marietta St. The Machine Services is an active machine shop that can design, fabricate, repair, and modify parts or entire devices for research projects. It works on designs ranging from miniature gears used in heart medicine research to large-scale structural welding projects as tall as 35 feet.

Idea to Prototype (I2P) program, part of the CREATE-X initiative, offers undergraduate research course credit for you and your teammates to advance your ideas for a potential value creating product by performing basic research, analysis, building, and testing--leading to a proof of concept prototype.   Think of it like undergraduate research--a deep dive on a problem for 1-2 semesters with a mentor. Grants ($) for materials and supplies are available.  Faculty mentors are available if you don't have one.  Open to all majors and years, interdisciplinary teams encouraged to apply.

1. Get your idea, team, and faculty mentor together
2. Apply at 

Invention Studio: The Invention Studio is a space devoted to the hands-on projects of all Georgia Tech students. Spanning five rooms on the second floor of the MRDC, this studio is led by undergraduate lab instructors willing to help students turn their ideas into prototypes.

RNOC: The Georgia Tech Research Network Operations Center (GT-RNOC) enables innovation in networking systems, computing, sensing, mobile interfaces and linking communities through collaboration. Students can utilize RNOC facilities to test out various software including IOT (internet of things) with the help of cross-disciplinary world class students, researchers, and innovators. Locked in TSRB 122/123, check out their lab hours here