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Alfirin Technologies

Creators of the CauteryGuard, a safer cautery device for use in medical procedures, Alfirin Technologies is working to eliminate accidental burns and fires from occurring in the operating room in order to achieve "Safer. Simpler. Surgery".

Algorithmic Justice League

A company that seeks to promote human rights through technology education. It does this by highlighting algorithmic bias, provide space for those without a voice, and develop practices to foster more accountability.  


The company gives producers a digital marketplace that works within their own music production software. Producers can throw EQIP into their session and instantly try out hundreds of plugins on their own music, without having to pay for the plugin until they're ready to make the purchase.


FireHUD is working towards protecting the protectors by creating revolutionary technology to increase the safety of firefighters. 


InternBlitz is the common application for internships.


Memeois is a personalized all meme platform -- Giphy for Memes. 


Oculogx is an internal GPS for warehouses. They use Augmented Reality technology to help businesses find and pick orders in warehouses.


OculoStaple can dramatically improve patient safety and reduce postoperative complications that currently arise from surgical techniques.


PedalCreator’s Disruption is the first analog effects pedal that gives guitarists the freedom to create any distortion sound at an affordable price.


pHAM is a coffee filter that reduces the acidity of coffee.

Sanguina, LLC

Sanguina was established to develop and market AnemoCheck, a visual, color-based, rapid and disposable point-of-care test for anemia.


The Scal-Pal is a surgical blade package with built in mechanisms to attach and remove scalpel blades while eliminating blade exposure.


Shef saves home cooks time and money by preventing ingredient spoilage and prepared food waste through automated meal planning.

Techturized Inc

A technology company specializing in the hair care industry through software development, consumer brands, and research studies. At Techturized, air analysts conduct an assessment of client hair texture, type, and condition and provide solutions to meet the client's hair goals.


Tensionr is a light, heavy duty tool that enables workers to bundle products for conventional and unconventional sizes together for transport.

TEQ Charging

TEQ Charging has created a power management system for electric vehicle chargers.


Titin creates form-fitting weighted apparel to enhance Hyper Gravity training while evenly loading your body with weight rather than solely on your shoulders.


Tubing Operations for Humanitarian Logistics (TOHL) installs high quality, low-cost and low-tech, specialized solutions that are environmentally sustainable.


The TruePani engineering team provides the material and teaches your organization how to detect fecal pathogens in your water systems. We recommend or create solutions, such as the TruePani lotus, to meet your needs. Current projects are in India, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.


A first of its kind aiming device for competitive archery. Ultraview Archery has a number of items already on the market to aid archers in increasing skill and accuracy.  

Wish For Wash

A social impact organization that seeks to bring innovation to sanitation through culturally-specific research, design, and education because #everybodypoops .


Their invention, Wobble, is an automated balance test to assess athletes following concussions. The device would keep athletes safe and reduce the risk of permanent brain damage.


A company built around supporting, training, and developing hands-on experience for Zambians to create impact projects by developing social entrepreneurship. This is done by the establishment of an ICE (Integrative Computational Experience) Lab.