During the summer of 2021, computer science student Neil Sanghavi and computer science recent grad Ahan Shah, both from Fairfax, VA, reconnected to develop their use of NFT technology to provide utility in an antiquated space that lacked efficiency.

On April 2, 2022, Team carSEAL will represent Georgia Tech in the 6th annual ACC InVenture Prize Competition hosted this year by Florida State University.

After almost a year of preparation, practice, and refinement, Georgia Tech’s annual InVenture Prize is down to six finalists competing in the final round on March 16th.

InVenture Prize Finalist Block Transfer is Making an Impact

Technology Square is abuzz with the activity of startups, corporate innovation, and disruptive research, as well as outstanding student talent from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

A Venture Capitalist talks about raising money from their viewpoint.

The Georgia InVenture Prize is open to students attending public and private colleges across the state.

Explore what is happening at Tech in the area of innovation!

InVenture Prize Preliminary Round Competition

The 2019 InVenture Prize Semifinal Round Competition