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Innovation doesn't stop regardless of where you are in the world! Explore the various upcoming virtual opportunities for funding and advancing your idea.

We are so excited about the number of events and activities happening both on- an off-campus. The innovative ideas of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni continues to impress and we don't have to look far for inspiration. Check out what the 2018 InVe

At Georgia Tech innovation doesn't stop and we are using several ways to move ideas forward. From ideabuzz sessions, interactive workshops, and livestreams we are all working to make your ideas a reality.

This week it's all about making an impact. You can find out ways to do just that by taking part in various activities including virtual hackathons, workshops, projects, and art. You have the knowledge and skill to make a difference in our world.

Summer is going virtual! There are a number of opportunities to take classes, work towards a solution for COVID-19, or simply explore online events to increase your knowledge of customer discover and technology.

RE:Imagine your summer! Registration for summer classes ends May 15 . With the online class format & some classes being offered asynchronously, there has never been an easier time to fit classes into your summer plans! Visit

Congratulations to all students for making it to the end of Spring 2020. We are so extremely proud of all your hard work. It’s not too late to join your classmates and reimagine your summer by taking classes! Last day to register is May 15th.

Summer is here and we invite you to explore all the opportunities available to you. It's the perfect time to participate in customer discovery virtual calls, invite someone to be your mentor, and participate in a host of free or low cost events.

As we celebrate the United States's Independence Day we are also taking time to appreciate the hard working of our faculty, staff, and students during the current historic and unprecedented times we are all experiencing.

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